Rachelle Ross Owner of Dance Hall Queen Apparel.

Dance Hall Queen Apparel Logo art completed. its a fun and maybe sexy Caribbean themed clothing line representing the culture and music of dance hall. Rachelle Ross owner of the line wanted something that would stand and out really make a deep impression on enthusiast. She is an avid dance hall dancer and really has a deep connection to the culture. We started off with a couple logo designs that were sort of retro. They were like by Rachelle. Me however I wanted to take a deeper dive into it. I wanted something for here that was more unique.

We began printing the design on clothing and sweat suits soon after presenting the logo to Rachelle who was smitten by the colors and art work. When you are designing  a logo your are designing a dream. She has also received good feed back for the brand mark and I feel like Rachell and Dance Hall Queen are going to higher levels. i am happy to be apart of its growth. 

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