You know? Some of the best ideas come from the most unlikely places. yet the overall understanding of the concept of the art work is very relatable. As in the case with this current project I am doing a logo for called Grind Addict $ociety. Owner Mario Zepata has asked for a logo design that represents those people who grind those people who are not given the helping hand, the people who are wiling to grind for theirs, meaning people who simply don’t give up in the face of adversity. So far we have a sac of money converted to a gas mask. with a city skyline in the back ground this really really gets me going. unheard of and catchy. Then we have gas pushing out of the masks filters with the money symbol at the top the gas mask. Now the concept is sorta cliché but we are working with it in such a way to create very unique concept that I am very confident the final design will be something very beautiful, relevant and marketable. Stay tuned for more details

Jarvis Factor Graphic Design. Freelance Graphic designer.  Atlanta GA.

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