Canada,Atlanta,GA,graphic,design,illustration,Thejarvisfactor,art.designer,for,hire,art, Winnipeg,Manitoba, Art,Recently I teamed up with Ve Grier, a new client and the owner of “Social Smokes”. Social Smokes is a mobile hookah service ran by Ve and her team. Ve stated that she needed a logo that would be easy to see and remember. She also stated that the logo needed to represent the look style and feel of the night life.  We decided to go for a logo design that was very chic in style, and simple. The art work would need to play on the imagination of hookah patrons and club goers as they represent the bulk of Ve’s sales. The design would also need a simple color palette and it would have to have lots of contrast to catch the eye of potential buyers. I created three initial designs for Ve’s logo art. The color palette was white, black and red. This gave it the night life feel I was looking for. It also added an adult aspect to the design.  I began sketching ideas using an modern type face of the letter “S” for the monogram design, a san-seriff for the more simple design with the diamonds, last but not least I illustrated a smoke like S letter  and combined it with the a modern type face to complete the rest of the logo design. Ve and I set down for a meet up. I presented all three logo designs. She was very happy with the monogram design. I felt the monogram was the best logo design because it seems most marketable. symmetrical. It also possesses all the right elements of a great mark. I am very happy to have designed it and I was very happy to have worked with Ve Grier on her logo for Social Smokes  mobile hookah service.

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