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New logo mark for What Water Steam Auto Detailing.

I recently I had the pleasure of working with Marshall Gibbons again on a new project. Back in 2014 Marshall contracted me to design a logo for his production company “Dream and Grind,”a website that viewers and patrons could upload and share videos of their artistic talents and goals. This new project is for a logo design for his new auto detailing company known as “What Water” Auto Detailing.¬† With this project Marshall stated he needs a logo design that is bold and one that represents automobile enthusiasts from the past and the present. From the start of our conversation ideas began to flood my mind. The child in me was bursting with ideas. I needed this logo to be fun and amazing.¬† I already knew in my mind that Marshall has been a big fan of my design style and that he would not object to most of the ideas I come up with. I wanted to hit the mark for Marshall and to I wanted it to hit the mark for creating an iconic logo design for the auto enthusiasts that would last the test of time. About a month and a half later we came up with three different designs. Marshall chose the logo concept you see here, to represent his company. This concept is also the one I was hoping he would chose. It certainly¬† was a pleasure working with Marshall again as he continues to develop this new Auto detailing business.

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