AftThe Jarvis Factor, Graphic, Artist. Atlantaer about 6 years we decided to change the brand design a for The Jarvis Factor. Making our colorful palette to a more simplistic and memorable design. We have simplified the orange, blues whites and reds to be a violet/red gradient with the Logo Initials being in white text. We feel these subtle changes makes the brand ID more memorable to our target audience. It also looks less dated and really rejuvenates our brand’s feel. Feel free to leave us some of your  insight on how you think the design looks in comparison to the older design palette. theJarvisfactor,graphic,design,art,atlanta,georgia,designer,goals,atlanta,area,Canada,Winnipeg,Manitoba,Toronto, Motion,graphics, flyers, illustration, branding, art, travel, business, motivation, videography, Atlanta's best graphic designers, Manitoba's best graphic design firms, Winnipeg MB, USA, Believe it or not its important for your brand design to stay one way through the years while establishing your businesses brand. Changing your brands look and feel can be a make break situation. Its important not to alienate your clients by making changes that leave them confused. Use caution and certainly listen to the advice of your graphic design professional when giving your brand a new look. We can certainly help you if you have any questions you may have about changing your brand design. Feel free to contact us via email, phone, or social media.


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