I believe that the it is up to the designer to create art work the truly delivers reuslts. Its very important to the client and to the reputation of the designer to create graphic design that will yield gains and returns. They hire the designer as an investment.  The true skill of the designer does not come from computer software. Understand that graphic design existed long before computers did. As a designer in order to find the right concept for any project you must used tried and true recipes like any chef does to make a delicious dish.  However I’m not saying rules are not meant to be broken. It has been my experience that market research is very important to coming up with a brands identity. figuring out what is to be expected from the company that is using your services to create the look and feel of their brand. The next step would be putting together a mind map. Write words and associations to map out your way to a unique and clever solution. You would be surprised how amazing mind mapping works. Don’t rush the process of mind mapping. You will find the best ideas by taking your time and brainstorming your mind map. After putting all your ideas together and market research its time to use your design skills on your computer. I typically use the industry standards of Adobe Creative cloud but there are several open source and free design editing software you can use.  Remember the most thought out and unique ideas yield the best design solutions. Before heading to the computer always work and plan your executions Its better for you and your client.  Remember to keep designing your dreams.

Finding The Right Design Solution in Todays Market.

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