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At a very young age I knew I wanted to be some type of animator or fine artist.  Growing up in a single parent home I knew both my parents but I lived with my mother though my father has always and continues to play a major role in my life and is a very key part of my motivation. As a kid I had many challenges and obstacles coming up as a poor child in Columbia South Carolina. But I never allowed it to stop my creativity or my love for all things art. I loved drawing and cartooning. It was my  escape and I knew that I would work as an artist one day. For years I drew cartoons, movie characters, automobiles, animals etc. It wasn’t until I moved to Atlanta, GA to study animation that I fell in love with the concept and commercial art or graphic design.The Jarvis Factor, resume,winnipeg,manitoba, Canada, designer, logo,art, more, Atlanta, GA

Enter Graphic Design

Graphic design never mattered to me because I didn’t know what it was. When I first moved to Atlanta I was pretty hell bent on becoming an animator. my life’s work was to make sure that I would keep my drawing skills sharp and would reference any animation process that was useful to my learning my craft. I was always learning better ways to create art. In 2003 while earning my degree in digital animation there were several courses that was required for me to take as prerequisites, that were more geared toward graphic design. I began to take a liking to it. The use of typography, color theory and learning how type and images effect the end product. I became enthused. The commercial aspect of graphic design was becoming very exciting, I became very fond of the process and story telling of it and eventually it won me over. I changed my major to Visual communication.

The Jarvis Factor

By my senior year of college I was ready to graduate knowing that I would work as a graphic designer. I was Ready to take on this amazing adventure was very exciting for me. It excited me more than animation would ever.  Students had to construct and design a branding for their own company. Not only did we have to design our own branding but we had to come up with its name. The name of my design firm would be the very identity of my brand. I was very particular of what it would be called. I wanted a name that seemed mysterious yet intriguing. It needed  to be perceived as if it was the main ingredient of a delicious recipe, but it would be plush as well. Like a fragrance, or wonderful high end cologne. It also had to be a testimony to the many challenges and obstacles I endured becoming a man, my own person, a business owner and a designer. “The Jarvis Factor” was a fitting name. Unique and pure.

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